Whitelist libraries for stepping into them when debugging

I have found the settings available at "Build, Execution... > Debugger > Stepping" can blacklist some scripts from stepping into them when debugging.
However, due to lack of documentation for some modules I've found useful to step into certain libraries (some node_modules such as mocha). However, I still would like to avoid stepping into other libraries (util for example).

When debugging, I had found the option "Force Step Into" useful when debugging said modules, however, once inside the library I had to keep using "Force Step Into", not to lose the execution flow. Selectively debugging certain libraries greatly helps me understand how things work under the hood, so this is an important use case for me. How can I achieve this?

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Not sure I follow you... You can disable 'Do notstep into library scripts' to enable steppinmg into libraries, and add those libraries you'd like to skip to 'Do not step into scripts' list.


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