How to DISABLE All Code Style

I love Intellij, but this has been driving me crazy for years. Is there any way to COMPLETELY disable the code styling? I want to be able to edit files, making sure that diff only shows the changes I made. I find when I alt-enter in import statements, all sorts of unrelated lines get changed. That's when I go back to vi.

BTW, code styling is great for my own projects. But most professional projects don't have any style standards and still have to share code. The ability to disable styles should be so important as to merit it's own button bar toggle button.

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No, you cannot disable all code style in one shot. However, you should be able to configure IntelliJ so that no unnecessary lines are modified. Be specific as to what's getting changed, and I (we) can probably tell you how to stop it from happening.

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Oh great, help me. EVERY SINGLE AUTOMATION is unnecessary. Go ahead, tell me how do I turn them off.


The problem here is that your code formatting engine is so shitty, that I can't make it format code the way I want and engine itself is so shitty that you don't let me to turn it off.

Its funny how this post is 10 years old now and you still didn't come up with a solution.

There is another fun thing. There is a code style segment in options and there is an option called "disable formatting" but it doesn't actually disable anything, it just disables the dialog box in options so you can't change it.


Here's what I had to do to change tab indent width, for example:


When I posted a request to allow to disable bullshit autocomplete that pastes "end" for "begin" I got "this feature will not be popular among IntelliJ users"

Great stuff.


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is it true that 14 years old ... and still not shutting down / to disable? and yes, it is true!!! 


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