Make Append Chain Into Append Sequence issue

I have been using the intention Replace + with StringBuffer.append() on a large codebase that has too many string concatenation issues. As I'd rather use append sequences, I then have to run Make Append Chain Into Append Sequence after I've run Replace + with StringBuffer.append() to get my desired result.
I'm wondering if anyone knows if Intellij can be set up to recognize an improper string concatenation and give me the intention option of turning it into an append sequence directly, rather than a chain.
Also, and more importantly, for some reason IntelliJ isn't recognizing some append chains as such, and in this case is not giving me the intention option of turning it into a sequence.

Does anyone know if there is any way of manually selecting an intention to run without having a lightbulb prompt?

This would be a great feature - if you could just highlight the code and select an intention and run it.

Also, does anyone know if an intention like this could be run globally?

Thanks so much for your kind assistance in advance,


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Unfortunately there's no way to do that right now. Write up a feature request for it. It's got my vote. :)


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