DEBUGGER PROBLEM : Collecting data... but never does

I am running the most current IDEA and am having a issue with debugging. When I reach a breakpoint, any complex object type like a Map or a List it shows Collecting data... but never does. If I try stepping past the break point, the debugger hangs with "Waiting until last debugger command completes".

I reviewed some other threads about a slow down, but this is actually hanging. Also, I am running on WindowsXP and have tried JDK 1.4.2 and 1.5. I also tried removing my .IntelliJIdea50 directory and rebuild my project and no luck. I am not using method debugging.

Please help. This is seriously blocking me.

I am attaching a screen shot...



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Bryan Hughes

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Is it possible you have a problem with some custom type renderers you defined?


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