Setting up new project using a remote server

Hi, I'm new to PHPStorm. Here's my setup:

My web server and source files are located on a remote server (Linux machine).
My local machine is a Windows system with a samba mount to the source directory.

I would like to edit and debug the files directly on the remote server. Is this possible?


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you can just open the folder on the remote mapped drive via File/Open to get a  project created there. But this is not a supported approach. We  strongly recommend to store all project files locally. All IDE  functionality is based on the index of the project files which PHPStorm  builds when the project is loaded and updates on the fly as you edit  your code. To provide efficient coding assistance, PHPStorm needs to  re-index code fast, which requires fast access to project files. The  latter can be ensured only for local files, that is, files that are  stored on you hard disk and are accessible through the file system.

Moreover, the fsnotifier tool used to synchronize the IDE virtual file  system with external changes doesn't support remote drives, so you  might have problems synchronizing files generated by LESS/SASS compilers  and other external tools.

If you need to keep your files stored on server, the recommended  solution is to set up SFTP or FTP deployment server in PHPStorm,  download files from remote server and configure auto-deployment to have  them in sync.
All these steps (except setting up FTP/SFTP server on remote server) are described at the


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