CVS commands unavailable for checked out files (and general wonkyness)

I've just started trying to use CVS within IDEA 3.0. I have a hierarchy of files that are checked out and inside a "web application". When right clicking on any of the files, the CVS menu presents "add" and "checkout" as the only CVS command options.

I'm pretty sure that I can access CVS though because I can perform a CVS checkout into another directory from within IDEA.

To add a little more strangeness check the following out:
1) unzip a clean copy of tomcat 4.1.12
2) from within IDEA checkout my web application into ]]>/webapps
3) add the web application to my current project

These steps will show the checked-out directory hierarchy under webapps in the "web" interface/tool/whatever, but no actual files are shown. They're definitely there though, I checked.

Any ideas?

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