jre/lib/ext directory and endorsed jar files

I am using the latest xalan.jar, xercesImpl.jar, serialize.jar and xml-api.jar from Xalan jakarta project.

I put these jars in my JDK 1.5/jre/lib/ext directory and that seems to get picked up by the command line java.

In IntelliJ, I use the same JDK to launch IDEA.

In my code when I do a "Ctrl-I" on SAXParser interface : viewing implementations for SAXParser I see 2 implementations showing up. One is JDK's own implementation and the other is the one I added to jre/lib/ext.

My question is, does IDEA properly override Sun's own JDK implementation with the xercesImpl.jar I put into the JDK1.5/jre/lib/ext directory eventhough "show implementations" shows both implementations ?

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Actually you can simply set the "order" for all your jar files in the "setting" of your module..

You just need to set the pripority of Xerces.jar to be higher than Jdk....


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