While coding, PhpStorm quit unexpectedly

For the past day now, while I have been working in PhpStorm as I usually do it would quit unexpectedly. By that I mean one instant I am typing code, the next instant PhpStorm is closed. When I restart the app, all work not saved was lost. I closed up everything, restarted the computer and had the same thing happen again with the same results. I have been working paranoid now, saving every minute or so, and when I do it that way, it doesn't exhibit the same behavior, i.e. it doesn't quit on me.

Is it some setting I have wrong? Did the MS 4.5.2 update mess with PhpStorm? Should I reinstall PS 8 again to see if that will eliminate the issue? Has anyone else had this issue? Is it something I can correct?

I run Windows 7 (64bit) on a Supermicro machine (Xeon 3.4GHz, 32GB memory, 2TB partition 50% free). Latest update with any possible connection to this behavior was to several security updates and MS .NET Framework 4.5.2 (all for 64bit systems). I use PhpStorm version 8.0.1 and have had only one issue with it since installation and that was a failure to launch error which was resolved by adjusting the vmoptions memory and cache sizes per online advice. This occured a while ago with complete success after adjustments.

Honestly, I usually find someone out there that has had a similar issue when these things happen to me, but this time I cannot find anything. Thanking all in advance for any help you can give me,


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Can you provide the idea.log after the issue occurs? Help -> Show log.

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Here's a copt of the log. I've included all entries
- pertinent dates are around Jan. 15, 16 2015


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