Temporarily turn off all inspections


Is there a way to temporarily turn off all inspections? Not just for a file or a specific type of inspections or such, but just a global on/off switch for inspections. Like for example the adblock firefox extension has for it's functionality.

Use case: when doing massive find/replace actions. Sometimes for example I'm replacing relative file links in Laravel Blade templates with Blade style {{ asset() }} links. This totally screws up the code for a while and results in a high load, PhpStorm becoming unresponsive for a while and such because of the inspections being run. All for nothing, as when I'm finished with my replacements everything is ok again.



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Hi there,

You can create additional Inspections Profile (where all inspections will be disabled) and activate it before doing your search/replace/whatever.

You may also try enabling power save mode (in "File" menu) -- may do the same (never used it myself so cannot say if it will have different effects in this particular regard).

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I tried an additional Profile with all inspections unchecked andit did not seem to be working. I still got inspection errors and warnings and the slowly filling square with eye in the top right corner of the editor.

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I do not know then...

It seems to be working OK for me: if I enable my "Disable All" profile then all files are shown green (under normal circumstances they have a few warnings + spelling notices).

Anyway: what about activating PowerSave Mode?

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There is a 'Disable Inspections' action available for key binding. Seems like a reasonable solution.


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