Project deployment options so in all projects


I am starting to use the deployment options on PhpStorm and have noticed what when I add a connection to the project settings that same server configuration shows up in my other projects too.

Is this correct behaviour? I would have thought that it should only appear in the project it was added to? Or am I doing something wrong / misunderstanding something?

To be clear I am adding it to under File > Settings (not default settings) > Deployment.

Thanks for any help,

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Hi there,

Yes -- it's the way it was designed.

  • List of connections (and actual connection details -- everything that is on first tab) are shared across whole IDE.
  • Project specific settings (other tabs) are per project only.

This allows you to reuse connections and just provide different deployment paths.

I personally (where every site/project uses own specific domain hence separate connection/login) have never used such "benefit". Thanks God the list of 20-30 deployment entries is still manageable (especially when all site names are quite different)...

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Thanks for the reply, it has cleared things up for me.

I guess the use case they were thinking of was a development team that works on one or a small number of servers could set the connection up once then just change the path details for each project on those servers.

I'm in much the same predicument as you where each of my projects requires a separate connection, at least the way JetBrains has set this up makes sense to me now. Looked more like a bug initially.


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