How to stop debugger?

Hello guys,

For the the last weeks I took use of the Live-Edit tool. I right-clicked on my webstorm window and selected Debug ’index.html’ and my Chrome browser started with a yellow bar saying “JetBrainsSupport performs problem solving for this tab”. But since I clicked on something in Webstorm, it starts always with a gray background and another yellow stripe.

I dicovered all buttons in the debug-section of Webstorm, but I won’t find the solution to get back.


Bildschirmfoto 2015-01-18 um 13.29.30.png
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The screenshot shows that your application is suspended because some breakpoint is hit - most probably, it's hit immediately when your page is loaded. Try removing all breakpoints (can be done in 'Run/View breakpoints' dialog) - does it help?


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