Rebuild all typescript files?

Hello everyone - just started using WebStorm 9.0.2 for web development instead of Visual Studio 2013 and like it so far.

I'm coding in typescript and keeps the build output (.js / .map) in a separate folder structure because basically they are build artifacts (don't want them in my project structure or in git).

The filewatcher for Webstorm works great for that - but only for changes. What kind of workflow do you have for cleaning / building all of your typescript -> js ? (and basically also .scss -> .css) ??

The only thing I can think of is having a gulpfile which does it for me - but then I have 2 buildsystems....

Feedback is more than welcome, thx.

Best regards

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Hi there,

I'd say: definitely use gulp/grunt or alike for your final builds:

  • one command and all done
  • few different tasks can be performed under the hood in one go
  • can be run by other devs/users who do not use WebStorm
  • does not require IDE to make fresh build if necessary (i.e. can be used on production server over SSH)
  • final builds may have different requirements compared to dev time (e.g. compression/optimisation/obfuscation etc)

Simple speaking (IMO): consider File Watchers as your dev-time tool and gulp/grunt as your final/production build tool.

If you need to manually re-run file watchers on all files (force rebuild) -- see

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Hi Andriy - thx. a bunch for input.

Best regards


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