junit tests don't fail with exit code 255 with non ASCII chars on linux


I am using build #4192 on a linux box.

following junit tests with german umlaute do not fail, although they should on my linux box. they exit execution with code 255 and green icon. on a windows box with the same build they work as expected. also on my linux box using eclipse or maven the tests work as expected.
This behaviour is similar to the behaviour described in bug IDEA-5538.

public void testIdeaTest1() throws Exception {
throw new Exception("üäö"); // german umlaute

Process finished with exit code 255

public void testIdeaTest2() throws Exception {
String expected = "äüö"; // three german umlaute
String actual = "äüöäöü"; // six german umlaute
assertEquals(expected, actual);

Process finished with exit code 255

public void testIdeaTest3() throws Exception {
String expected = "hello";
String actual = "olleh";
expected, actual);

Process finished with exit code 255

kind regards
bruno cadonna

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sorry, i forgot my question!

should i report this as a new bug or as a comment to bug IDEA-5538?


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