Noob question regarding Node package manager

I'm learning the MEAN stack from the book "Mean Web Development."  In the first chapter, it instructed me to download and install the npm from, which I did.  In the next chapter it started to get into examples, so I installed the WebStrom IDE because I saw a reference to it on the web.  When I typed in the javascript code, it says I needed to configure the node packages.  So I went into languages/libraries and selected Node.js globals.  The IDE then downloaded more content.

So my question is, did the IDE download the npm files again (since I did it already from the website), and if not, what was downloading?

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It didn't download/install NPM. All WebStorm does when you choose to configure Node.js sources (I suppose this is what you actually did) is downloading
Node API sources ( and configuring them as a javascript library to provide completion for Node standard packages
See for more information


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