ArrayBuffer and DataView

So, using WebStorm 9.0.2 for a WebGL project and initially using just Float32Array for my vertex buffer data (data to graphics card; not important). Now, however, I'd like to insert multiple types of data (byte, short, int, float) but WebStorm doesn't recognize DataView's setInt8/setInt16/setInt32/setFloat32 methods. Any idea why? I even tried switching javascript to ECMAScript 6 with no difference.

Thanks for the help.

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As a workaround I can suggest creating a new .js file with the  corresponding stubs and passing it to WebStorm (as a javascript library).  For example, open  plugins\JavaScriptLanguage\lib\JavaScriptLanguage.jar!\com\intellij\lang\javascript\index\predefined\HTML5.js  file in editor, copy its content to a new js file, add missing stubs.  Then configure this file as javascript library (and disable HTML5/ECMAScript5 library  for your project to avoid duplicate declarations).


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