Several plugin installation issues - Python support?

I just installed Webstorm 9. I tried to install python support and noticed a few problems:

- I cannot find the python plugin when I browse plugins from Webstorm. That made me try to add repositories, but which ones? How do I find the URLs? and did not work.

- I downloaded the python plugin and installed from disk, but now I'm stuck with "Required plugins, Coverage not enabled". So does that mean it's not available for Webstorm? Because I can't find those plugins either, so that would make sort of a weird sense that I could not find python in the first place.

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Hi there,

WebStorm is for front-end development (JS/HTML/CSS and alike).

JetBrains has spearate IDE for Python -- PyCharm, which in simple terms can be described/compared as "WebStorm + Python + DB Support".

You cannot install Python plugin in WebStorm as it requires other core features only available in PyCharm/IntelliJ; although you may have some syntax highlighting via one of the Textmate bundles --

If you need one IDE for all languages then have a look at IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate -- it supports PHP/Ruby/Python (that have separate IDEs) via plugins.

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So why is it a plugin in the first place if I have to install a full IDE? Rhetorical question, not that the answer is of any use to me.

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That plugin is built to work with IntelliJ IDEA only and not meant to work with any other language-specific IDE (e.g. WebStorm/PhpStorm etc).

If you need proper Python support then you better use/switch to PyCharm (no need to go to full featured IntelliJ IDEA if you do not need all other/more languages).


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