BuildDesk 1.0

Dear IDEA fans,

Since our old friends from JetBrains gave us a permission to write here,
we would like to announce the release of BuildDesk 1.0 - a new and
amazing tool for IDEA developers.

It's specifically designed to free java developers from such a boring a
time-consuming tasks as writing and maintaining of build scripts.

No more manual tweaking of Ant scripts; no more struggling with native
Java launcher; no more searching for installer for your Java
application; no more figuring out how to obfuscate your jars. BuildDesk
will take your IntelliJ IDEA project and produce a multiplatform
installer with native launcher and obfuscated jars along with Ant script
to do that.

Please have a look at our grounds why BuildDesk is likely for you:

Evaluation license:

Kirill Kalishev,
An IDEA fan

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