Evaluating Intelli-J for Web + PHP + Ruby = :(

I just checked out the Intelli-J EAP the other day to see if it would be a suitable candidate to allow me to edit Ruby files on my current project.

I was surprised how easy it was to get everything set up (I was expecting a monster!) but having got going, the experience still felt like a big compromise. As a web developer who needs some complimentary technologies from time to time, I want the main focus to be web, and have the extra features to be available, but not to the detriment of the ones I see as "core". As such, I don't see myself upgrading to Intelli-J to get this functionality, as my day-to-day experience of working with the IDE would just feel too compromised, having to sift through all the Java features, just to get to my web workflow.

Are there any plans in future to create a much leaner core product, then make all but the most general functionality a plugin?

Ideally, I would like to customise the IDE to not show anything Java, Groovy, or any of these other technologies, but just show web and the one or two other language I need but can't get in Web/PHPStorm.

I know Eclipse has Perspectives - this worked really well for me when I used it a good few years ago now.

It seems me that building up a lightweight core product to various flavours would be much easier that stripping one down to achieve the same thing.

Any thoughts, or anything you can share with reagrds to future product strategy?

Many thanks,
Dave Stewart

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