Can't make CVS work


I'm having trouble getting CVS to work in IntelliJ build #676 (and prior versions as well). I'm using a pserver CVSROOT.

The cvs client used by IntelliJ (cygwin's) works fine in a command prompt.

When I attempt a CVS operation in IntelliJ, it keeps asking me to login. I have pointed CVS_PASSFILE to my .cvspass in idea.bat, but to no avail.

The CVS pserver is on NT.

Does anybody have any ideas for fixing this behaviour?


Maybe try a different CVS client - I'm currently running with the one that comes with WinCVS 1.3, and I guess it's using my .cvspass located in C:\ (I've not tried to redirect it in any way).


Thanks. That CVS client worked.

I wonder why the one from cygwin doesn't work with IntelliJ?



My guess would be that it's looking elsewhere for the .cvspass, and not using/picking up the Windows environment variables that point to it, for some Cygwin/shell-related reason...


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