Is there any time limit for File Watchers execution?


I have a task to make composer install run each time, when composer.lock is updated (e.g. by git pull).

File Watchers seemd perfect for this task, so I've made a watcher, that triggers on composer.lock change, and runs composer install (whole command: I:/dev/php-5.5.16-nts-Win32-VC11-x86/php.exe -c I:\dev\php\php.ini I:\myProject\composer.phar install).
I've laso had to provide path to php.ini with openssl enabled to allow compass to avoid "failed to download ... from dist" messages.
You can find my configuration in attachement.

So far so good - watcher triggers, compas runs, but... only for 15 seconds, then dumps an output and quits.
I've changed max_execution_time in php.ini, but it didn't affect anything - still only 15 seconds.

If I run same command in "Command Line Tools Console" (Ctrl+Shift+X) or in pure cmd.exe, it has no limits and runs untill all packages are downloaded

Is there any limit for File Watcher execution? If so, can I change it?
Or, maybe, there is a different way to reach my goal?

PhpStorm 7.1.3
Windows 7

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Yes - a 15 sec timeout:( See
It has been removed already, please try upgrading to PHPStorm 8

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Thank you! That was it =)


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