Generation of HTML-code from PHPDoc

Good afternoon.

There is a need to create the HTML reference of all project on the basis of PHPDoc. Whether there is such opportunity at PHPStorm?

For example, such can do doxygen (, but it has many mistakes.

Добрый день.

Есть необходимость создать HTML-справку всего проекта на основе PHPDoc. Есть ли такая возможность у PHPStorm?
Например, такое может делать doxygen (, но у него много ошибок.

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Hi there,

phpDocumentor --
ApiGen --

PhpStorm is not the right tool for generating documentation.It helps you write and validate PHPDoc comments (since it uses them internally).. but that's about it.

But it may help you with such routine: you may create an External Tools entry that would perform such generation and then call it any time from PhpStorm.

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I tried phpDocumentor. It is a lot of mistakes in the code. Practically doesn't work with PHP 5.3+

Пробовал phpDocumentor. Очень много ошибок в самом коде. Практически не работет с PHP 5.3+

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I have no clue at all what problems you may be having there -- phpDocumentor works ok on my code (at least -- nothing major).

But if you do have problems with phpDocumentor -- please report them / ask for assistance with them:

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Thanks for answers. I will try.


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