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Hi Todd,

First of all, sorry for the delayed reply. The point is that Manning has
changed its site structure a little bit, and was late on notifying us about
the changes.

Currently we have all the info updated on our Devnet page (referred in your
message below), and you can order the book using the new info and new links.

Please let me know if you need any further assistance.

Best regards,
Ann Oreshnikova
Customer Support Manager
JetBrains, Inc
"Develop with pleasure!"

"Todd Breiholz" <no_reply@jetbrains.com> wrote in message

I'm trying to order the book using the offer at


The links on that page seem to be dead, and if I go directly to the
Manning website and enter the coupon code, it is not accepted.


Anyone else get this to work?


Todd Breiholz


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