Require Js WebStorm 8

Hello. Is there any documentation that explains the finer details of how WebStorm reads require js configs and allows to find its modules? Is there any way for instance to know what paths Webstorm has found as a baseUrl or which files it looks into to read my requirejs config?

I just can't seem to be able to get it to work, and it would be a fantastic feature if it did.


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There are no such docs. Some kind of support for requirejs config is provided in webStorm 8 ( Are you using it? what problems have you faced?

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I have been running the standard scripts for require.js, Backbonetutorials, Backbone.localStorage, Todos-master-uzikilon_require_and_backbone, etc.

They all work in PHPStorm, but they are all only partially structured, having some <script> tags or other 'gotchas' in PHPStorm.  For instance, there are big problems upon refactorings.

I am wondering about the true extent to which require.js and backbone.js are really working in PHPStorm, such as to what degree does PHPStorm understand define(), paths, etc.  It is very easy to break now.  There is no tutorial and a bunch of uncleared bugs in the forum.  In addition, there is no easy way to find an offending module reference because it always appears to be a require.js issue in the stacktrace. That, coupled with the general issue regarding interpreting line numbers on errors (where the line number in Chrome for an error is different an more accurate - in some ways - than the issue line number in PHPStorm, and they are usually different and not usually accurate.) really does slow me down.

Frankly, even though I am but a novice, and only working on prototypes, require.js already appears to be necessary, and backbone as well because I have to get into modern mvc techniques.

Please address this.

I have really come to rely on PHPStorm, and recognize that even as a 'work in progress' as software always is where the environment is a moving target, PHPStorm is the stable platform needed, is huge in its span, and is extremely professional.



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