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Duncan DeVore wrote:

How about an internal browser like MyEclipseIDE or JBuilder has?


Why do you need an internal browser?

Just create an external tool entry that specifies the appropriate command line for your
browser and have it included in the appropriate menus.

For IE I have:

Name: Open in IE
Menus: main, editor, project
Program: C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\IEXPLORE.EXE
Parameters: file:$FilePath$
Working directory: $FileDir$

For Firefox:

Name: Open in Firefox
Menus: main, editor, project
Program: "C:\Program Files\Mozilla\Firefox\firefox.exe"
Parameters: file:///"$FilePath$"
Working directory: $FileDir$

Works like a charm.


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How about an internal browser like MyEclipseIDE or
JBuilder has?


I too would like to see this, although ideally it would be a plugin, not something JetBrains takes time to develop.

Why? When I work on servlets (which is nearly always), I spend on a lot of time swapping between browser and IDE, browser and IDE. Browser and IDE.

Sure there are ways to make this less bothersome, but a browser plugin that tucks itself in IDEA's project frame would sure be a lot niftier.

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The plugin from JBuilder,JB 6, didn't hava Javascript support,
which for DHTML or AJAX apps doesn't work well.
It was a product they bought from another company also.
Then you have the problem that the HTML doesn't look exactly
like it looks in IE or Mozilla/Opera etc. Then there is the DOM ....

Since we all work with real browsers with real bugs and
quirks, I still would have to use IE/Firefox frequently.
So for me a plugin is only useful for me when designing the page initially.

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You can use EmbeddedBrowser plugin. It integrates with IE/Mozilla on Windows.


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