IDEA speed on the new Intel Macs?

Has anyone had a chance to try IntelliJ IDEA on the new Intel Macs?

I have never been happy with the speed of IDEA on my 1.5 ghz PowerBook G4, while it works just fine on my 1.8 ghz Thinkpad (running Windows). Apple's Java implementation seems to run really slowly: IDEA is not the only sufferer.

This is the major thing keeping me from switching to Mac OS X completely - can anyone comment on whether the Java performance in OS X is any better on the Intel Macs?


It rocks!

I found IDEA sluggish on my 1.33 mhz G4 laptop. I often used Eclipse in preference to get things done as it was frustatingly slow.

On my new 2.0ghz laptop, IDEA provides a fast, responsive development environment. Highly recoomended.



I've seen some complains in blogs about serious heat on MacBooks. Have
you experienced it?


It does get warm but I found the G4 did that as well.



I'm sitting with it on my knees and it has been on for over an hour.

Its noticeably warm (not sure it would be comfortable if I had bare legs but its okay here).

Probably ideal for those Russion winters ;)



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