Lost Node project templates when upgraded to 9

HI, My node project templates dissappeared from the "create new project" functionality when I upgraded to version 9, I am on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, if I go and start 8 again, the selections are still in the "create new project" listing, I get choice for nodejs express, is this intended?

Any help would be appreciated thanks


please try scrolling the templates list down - the 'Node.js Express App' stub must be in the bottom


Hey thanks for the reply, you were right, I didn't notice that it wasn't showing the whole list, I have large montirs and normally listsa just open up all the way.

Thanks again for your help

How do you mark the original post as solved?


You have created this thread as "normal" instead of "question" -- it's not possible to change it now (unless user has admin rights, I guess).

Your only option for now is to edit the original subject: prepend "[Solved]" or similar text.


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