editing xsl transformations

I'm tying to edit xsl transformations in the editor and I can't keep idea from highlighting non-xsl tags in the transformation file. I have code completion working for the xsl tags by pointing idea to a DTD I created from the w3c page. Is there a way I can disable error highlighting in the editor for tags in the transformation file that are not part of the xsl dtd.



A DTD doesn't allow foreign-namespace elements, you should use a proper xml Schema for xslt and assign a namespace to all non-xslt tags. You can also try the XPathView+XSLT plugin that comes with a bundled schema and a lot of other support for xslt.


I searched for a xlst schema and couldn't find one. I realize DTDs don't support namespaces but it's all I could find yesterday. I'll try the plug-in and see how it works.

Thanks, Grant


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