horizontal scrolling with touchpad, mouseball or shortcuts?

Whenever I use IDEA on my 12" PowerBook G4, I find I often need to scroll horizontally due to the small screen. The only way I can find to do this is by grabbing the horiziontal scrollbar and moving it. This is notably more cumbersome than horizontal scrolling on most other Mac applications, which allow me to use either two-fingered trackpad movements or a scrollball to scroll horizontally with considerable ease. Both trackpad and scrollball work fine for vertical scrolling in IDEA, but have no effect horizontally. Using the scroll bar feels much more cumbersome, and I have to use it a lot. So I'm looking for ways to facilitate this.

I suspect the main problem is that the JDK does not (as far as I know) support scrollballs or two-fingered touchpad gestures the way they support mouse wheels. MouseWheelListener only reports vertical movements, and there seems to be no similar interface (yet) that supports horizontal movements. So, a feature request to JetBrains will likely get nowhere until JDK support arrives. If I'm wrong on that, please let me know.

Meanwhile... is there some keyboard shortcut I'm overlooking? I know that in the editor you can use [up] and [down] for scrolling. Or in Windows it's [up] and [down]. However there seems to be no equivalent way to scroll horizontally. Furthermore the existing shortcuts only work in the editor, and I often want to scroll in other tool windows - most commonly, the project widow. Is there some shortcut for this that I'm overlooking?

Alternately, is there some way to maximize the current tool window? I know I can use -1 / -1 to toggle the project window, for example - but if it's too small, is there a shortcut to make it bigger? Preferably in toggle mode.

I realize this stuff may seem minor, given that I can just use the horizontal scrollbar. But when running on a small screen, the two-fingered trackpad gestures and scrollball effects are a big benefit in most of my applications. It's frustrating to be unable to use them in IDEA. If no good alternatives exist, I'll probably submit a feature request or two. But I thought I should ask here first. Any suggestions would be appreciated...

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Yes! The same is true on Windows as well. Very annoying. This post does show a rather non-intuitive work around, however: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/26026644/enable-horizontal-scrolling-phpstorm

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It's JDK limitation, but works with SHIFT+Mouse Wheel


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