Don't like CamelHump implementation


  I really like that WebStorm has the option to select CamelHump words, I find this really useful when moving to the left and right to be able to jump partial words, however I dislike when I turn this option that it also applies to double-click selection.  This takes away my means for quickly selecting an identifier with the mouse. It's just frustrating that you go from having a sub-word selected with two clicks straight to having the whole line selected with three clicks.

  I would suggestion either of the following implementations:

  - Have camelHumps mode only apply to moving left/right by one "word" using the keyboard, but leave the mouse double-click to select an entire identifier (not a camelhump sub-word)

- Make it so that if you have camelhump selection enabled, then two clicks selects a sub-word, three selects an entire word, and possible four selects the entire line.

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Hi there,

Issue Tracker where you can leave your Feature Requests/ usability tickets is located here:

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thanks.  Reposting this as an issue.


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