PhpStorm deleted files on server?

I'm working on a project in which there are involed multiple developers. We don't use any kind of vcs.
The project is on a remote host and is accesible via ftp.
In my phpStorm project my deployment options were these:

setari phpstorm.jpg
I haven't been working on the project for a week and yesterday when i opened the phpStorm project the site broke because some files where deleted on the server. In the server logs we saw that the deletion was made from my ip.
The files that were deleted were not present in my local project because they were added after i stoped working on the project.
I changed my deployment options to these:
setari phpstorm.jpg
but the ftp conection was closed on the server and i closed the project before it was reopened, so i'm not sure if this fixed the problem.
Also in the project deployment i didnt had any mappings added.
I don't know if phpStorm deleted the files because of the deployment options or if it was caused by the missing mappings.
How should i set phpStorm so that this won't happen again?
I've read about creating a new project and setting up deployment options on jetbrains online help documentation, i watched this webinar and i also searched online but i didn't find anything on phpstorm deleting files on the sever.

Thank you!

setari phpstorm.jpg
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I am sorry, but these are two identical screenshots.
If you didn't have the valid mappings configured in deployment settings, PhpStorm had no chance to delete your files.
A possible situation when files can be deleted from the production server - if you d&d them from the remote host panel to the local project.


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