Feature request: add ability to send commands directly to your internal terminal pane

Windows 7 x64
Phpstorm v 8.0.2
build 139.496

It would be nice to be able to simulate typing commnads in the terminal window.  So just like we have the ability to add external tools to a menu, do the same but in this case you are passing a text string directly to the built in terminal window and then pressing enter.

The reason for this all started from trying to add yeoman as an external tool.  I can add it but the problem is that when you launch yeoman as an external tool it runs in the RUN pane and not the TERMINAL pane, becuase of this you cannot interact with the cmd prompts.  Ie, a yeoman generator will usaully give you options like selecting sass or bootstrap and in a normal termianl window you use the arrow keys to navigate up and down and the space bar to select an option, but when it is executed in the RUN pane you cannot navigate and select options as in a normal terminal pane.

Being able to add menu commands that map to any string of text sent to the terminal would be great!

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Hi there,

The Issue Tracker where you can leave your feature Request is located here: http://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issues/WI


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