how to migrate existing local vcs files to user home?

i'm trying 662 now. the "system" dir has been moved from intellij program dir to the user home (x:\documents and settings\]]>\.intellijidea30\system...).

everything is reasonable unless it seems that i lost my old local vcs versions... now if i say "local vcs / show history", i only see a few items, but actually i've been working on some files for quite a while and my local vcs history has many versions. losing them is not a quite comfortable thing.

can anyone show me how to migrate the existing local vcs history into the new user home?

thanks! and please let me know if i missed anything.


Either move your ]]>\system and \config directories to your user home location OR change the settings in either idea.bat or idea.lax, depending on whether you start idea with the batch file or executable to point to the directory that they currently exist in (look for something like '-Didea.system.path=').


thanks. i finally got this working.

one addition: if the vcs directory in user home already has a project directory, i must delete it before copying my old vcs directory into user home. otherwise the old version will not be recognized.


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