Questions about Join Lines


I don't know if the following behaviors I observed should be
considered bugs or intended behavior, so I wanted to ask here
first before filing an SCR.

1. Positioning of line comments:

When cursor is at the |, invoke ctrl-shift-j (Join Lines).

The indentation of the comment is removed:

Is this correct?
I thought it may be related to the code-style setting
"Comment Code" - "Line comment at first column",
but unchecking this did not change the effect.

2. Block comments and white space at line ends:
A block comment like this:
First line......................
second line
with the cursor somewhere in the first line, and a lot of spaces
at the end (indicated by the dots).

Join lines produces this:
First line second line

This does not happen with line comments nor with
statements - the spaces are normalized in these cases.
Shouldn't this be done for block comments as well?



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