Where do you use IntelliJ for?

Hello all,

Today, I looked in the EAP section and saw some Formsdesigner enhancements. I have naver used the Formsdesigner, nor will I probably ever use it. I'm just not much into Swing. This lead me to the following: I was wondering where you are using IntelliJ for?

Are you using it to program standalone programs, for Swing applications, for frontend development (HTML, Javascript), for JSP/Servlets programming, for J2EE (EJB's, JBoss), other frameworks (Hibernate, Spring), XML/XSLT, etc,etc.

I use IntelliJ (in favour of Eclipse) for the reason that it has incredible good integration between standard components like XML/XSLT editing, Java code inspections, etc. I use IntelliJ often in my daily work for programming a lot of the above, but mainly for JSP/Servlet coding. I don't use it for the more 'heavy' part of J2EE, like EJB's etc, because I don't use EJB's.

Well, I hope you want to share what you are using IntelliJ for, and might give Jetbrains a little help to decide which way to go in the future development of IntelliJ.


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