Liveedit not detecting changes in css or javascript

Windows 7 x64
Phpstorm 8.0.2 build 139.496

I am running th debugger on index.html, all edits in the html file are triggering a reload as expected however not when I edit a .css or .js file
Liveedit is set to manual so when I make a change in an html file then do a ctrl s, the page refreshes correctly, but if I update a .css or .js file and do a ctrl s the html page does not refresh.


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Please change the update mode to 'Auto'.
Changes in HTML code are updated in the browser automatically regardless of the selected Update mode; but this is not the case for js and css - in Manual mode, you need to click the Update Application button on the debugger tool window or in the main Run menu, or press Ctrl+F10 on Windows and Linux (or cmd+F10 on Mac OS) to get page refreshed.


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