Differences in JREs

I thought I saw something saying that the JREs wouldn't be updated unless needed...

If I wasn't dreaming, the 662 release implies that there was a change since 661, but nothing in the release note on the web site, so the problem is, how do we know if we need to update the JRE we're using, either from the JDK one or, say, a build 661 one?

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I'd say:
you need >= 1.4.1_01 so don't worry too much about IntelliJ's own JRE (which is nothing else than the standard JRE with a couple of components coming from the JDK).

Keep using the JDK you've certainly installed on your machine. (>= 1.4.1_01)

Sooner or later, IntelliJ guys will decide to fix this JRE issue, because more and more users tend to be confused and get cross about that ! ;)

"G Larry Mason" introduced the terms "informal vote or poll" in his post

(Check this thread :[http://www.intellij.net/forums/thread.jsp?forum=22&thread=13965&tstart=0&trange=15])

I think you guys (EAP users/IntelliJ customers) should share your thoughts about this JRE issue.

(I know, it's been discussed a lot of times in previous posts, but nobody seems to come to an 'agreement')



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