yeoman as an external tool not working correctly

I setup yeoman as an external tool according to these instructions.  The only change was that for windows users you have to use yo.cmd.  Yeoman did start and run the specified generator but you cannot select any of the options, like scrolling up or down with the arrow keys or choosing sass or bootstrap by pressing the space bar,  When you set Yeoman up as an external tool it is run in the Run window and not the Terminal window, in this case the Run window does not seem to allow keyboard interaction.  Is there a workaround for this?

If I run it directly from the Terminal window it works fine

As External Tool


From Terminal

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I'd suggest using cmd.exe as a program and "/c start yo <generator_name>' as parameters - this tool will open your cmd console and execute yo there, allowing you to use the keyboard

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Good suggestion, but it results in the same problem that you can't interact with the command when the program runs.


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