First time setup - using YII


I apologize if this is RTFM, but I am taking the plunge into PhpStorm, PHP,Linux and YII all as one big one. So bear with me, please.

on oure webserver ( Centos 6.6 ) I have this structure:

/var/www/html ( some stuff here )
/var/www/html/secure ( YII framework is installed into this folder, also a virtual host points here ), so index.php for this subdomain is

In PhpStorm, I have set the project root to /var/www/html/secure - using "new project from existing files, web server installed locally - located under document root"

this gives me access to all source file under /var/www/html/secure.

But, now when I try to run "index.php", the browser is fired with an url of - what of corse results in an 404

if I setup the same project, using /var/www/html/secure/web as project root, then I can run index.php. But then I am missing the source files in /var/www/html/secure/*

Any hints whee I need to change my configuration?


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Hi there,

Add another mapping to your Deployment entry -- map your physical "web" folder to the web root "/". Definitely works if setup correctly.

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I never would have found that on my own ....



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