Better VCS integration in NetBeans

I'm being asked, coaxed... to try the "vastly superior" PHPStorm, having been a NetBeans user and contributor for a decade.

One of the biggest features I've grown to love in NetBeans is that I can instantly see what folders -> folder -> folder -> folder -> files have been added (green) and edited (blue) in the files pane. I attached a screenshot showing how this works in NetBeans. In the example, I changed a view template inside the authors folder... as you can see, NB makes it super quick to drill down and find it again. It also shows that I have a syntax error in some file in the src folder.

This is a huge benefit to being able to quickly navigate to and inspect the folder/directory structure and related files to the ones I've been editing. I can also right-click and get a diff and history of any file right from the project pane.

I saw and like and use PHPStorm's VCS -> Show Changes view, but it's really not the same as showing you in real time and in context in the project/files pane where the files are that I've edited during work on a project under version control.

Does PHPStorm have a preference somewhere I missed that provides this feature?

Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 4.39.12 PM.png
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Hi there,

Settings | Version Control | Show directories with changed  descendants

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I've applied that checkbox and see that the color is defined by Preferences -> Colors & Fits -> File Status -> [Deleted, Modified, Added, Merged, ... ]

Thank you very much Andriy!


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