PHPStorm 8 Jira integration

Does anyone know the list of "Available Placeholders" in the Commit Message section of the Tasks > Servers > Configured Server pane of preferences? This is eluded to in the lower left portion of this page but there are no other docs I can find on it.

I am wanting to (re) create the same Jira comment that I have been using with the NetBeans Jira connector:

Author: Firstname Lastname <>
Date: 2014-11-13 16:27
Message: Fixed some feature for for APP-123

Is this possible to do?

Another thing I would like is to be able to tweak the branch name when picking a task and deciding to work on it. In the example above, a new branch "APP-123" was automatically created and I would like to know if this can be modified, e.g. feature/APP-123/description


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Hi Geoffrey.

Basically all available placeholders are listed in the message at the bottom of "Commit Message" tab in repository's settings. These placeholders have the following meanings

  1. {id} is unique ID associated with particular issue. E.g. "APP-123" in your case
  2. {project} is name of the project that issue belongs to. For JIRA and YouTrack it's part before "-", i.e. "APP" in your example.
  3. {number} is numeric ID of the issue. Similarily to {project} for JIRA and YouTrack it's merely part after "-", i.e. "123" in your case. For the most of other trackers it's the same as {id}.
  4. {summary} corresponds to summary/title of specific issue

Unfortunately it's all at this moment and you can't configure commit message in the such flexible way you want.

In fact generated commit message is a comment of the changelist associated with particular task (if any). And this field is not updated every time you want to make a commit so it can't contain any dynamic placeholders, e.g. time of the commit.

Branch name is derived from ID or summary of an issue and currently it's not customizable on repository level.

I agree that these are serious limitations, so it will be great if you create a future request on YouTrack.

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Thank you Mikhail for the response.

Created feature request:


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