PHP composer external libraries not showing

I have my project files on my local machine (mac) and use rsync (DropSync) to sync files to my ssh server.
It is a symfony project and the server runs PHP 5.3.
I configured php interpreter to my local php file, configured the composer phar and json in the settings and checked  'Add packages as libraries'.
Phpstorm8 adds all the 'Include paths' correctly and the local php interpreter is selected when I click on 'configure include paths'.
When I load a random symfony class, the IDE doesn't recognize the external vendor namespaces and I do not see the vendors in the External libraries in Project Window.
I just see an empty PHP folder. (where normally the vendors should be)

All vendors are in the vendor/ folder.

I have tried:

  • reinstalling Phpstorm
  • invalidate cache/restart
  • remove vendor/ and 'composer install'
  • cleared symfony cache (app/console cache:clear)
  • remove .idea/ folder and start new project

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It works in this version!
version 7.1.4 build 133.1777, 19 August 2014

Bug in phpstorm8?

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Unfortunately, I can't reproduce the bug. Could you please attach two files: <project root>/.idea/<module mane(usually it's project name)>.iml and  <project root>/.idea/workspace.xml?

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The problem was that the Symfony plugin wasn't supported in PHPStorm 8, I believe.


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