Changing paths inside source while move (refactoring)

How to turn OFF changing if paths inside source while source file move (refactoring)?


Hi there,

When you moving files in Project View, you should see a confirmation dialog -- it has "Search for references" option -- should do the job.


I don't see the confirmation dialog how to turn it on?


I do not know why this dialog is not showing for you.

I meant this dialog (which shown for me when I move "css.css" file into "watchers" subfolder (moving by drag-and-drop in Project View)):
That option will look for a references to THIS moved file and update them (or not).

AFAIK it has no influence over other resource references inside the file, e.g. #cc { background: url("_assets/visamc.png"); } -- it will be updated regardless of this option, and AFAIK this behaviour cannot be turned off at the moment -- I guess


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