Perfomance issue on large files

Hi Jetbrains / Community,

We are in phase of evaluating PHP Storm for our company and we facing with performance issue with larger files (between 5000 / 7000 lines of code).

Is there any guide how to tune php strorm so we can try.

Our laptops hardware shining :) :


Core i7

SSD 120+ GB

Linux Ubuntu / Mint

P.S. We are evaluating latest EAP version 8.


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You do not tune it - except of disabling stuff - we fix it for you.
How to report performance problems,
IDE FROZEN: Please follow and attach a thread dump of frozen app.
IDE SLOW: Please follow and provide a CPU profile, for performing slow activity only least for 30 seconds

Each problem should be filed separately to with relevant sources attached privately.

Note, that we have major performance (worst cases) fixes for upcoming 8.x.x update.


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