How to get resources to appear in "classes" dir after compilation

I am new to Intellij so the answer to this is probably easy, but I can't figure out how to do it. I have a bunch of resources that I want copied into "classes" directory after compilation so that I can getResource() them when I need them. If I have image files (JPGs GIFs PNGs) they get transferred automatically but if I have a custom extension it will not.

How do I make this happen?


Go to the compiler settings and add the resource extensions you want copied in the resource patterns field


Yeah, Intellij have setting to do it ... but u will be smarter to just copy the static resources to the classes directory instead since having to copy huge resources will eat into compiling time ....

Every seconds count and if u compile often , that could save substantiate..... now u talking about productivity ... <:^}}


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