X Server memory leak with undocked IDEA Windows

I recently tried out using the 'Project' window in
undocked mode on the second screen of my Dual Head
Xinerama X Server (XFree 4.2 on Linux Suse 8.0).
The X Servers memory size grew from 100MB to 600MB
in roughly an hour (At that point the system became
quite slow, I did not wait longer...). This bug is
reproduceable with builds 657 and 660.
Switching back to docked mode and restarting IDEA
solved the problem.
I also observed strange behaviour with anti-aliasing
in the undocked window. As long as the project window
overlapped the main IDEA window, fonts were rendered
anti-aliased, when the project window sat on the second
screen outside the IDEA window, it was not anti-aliased.

... minor glitches compared to the excellent rest of
the tool! ...


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The best thing you can do is to post a bug report with as many details as you can. That way, the issue is brought to the IntelliJ guys' attention, and stays there until they have a look at it.


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