Download Mirror?


JetBrains, have you thought about setting up a mirror or two to download the latest builds from?

I was thinking about throwing 661 sfx and tgz up on my webserver and posting a link in a thread for people who can't download from (it took me like 10 minutes before my download would actually start), but I thought I'd better ask first...



When ever I visit the page"",there is the same response"The server is currently busy. Please try again later."!
Who's mistake???I want to konw!


I have a slow connection, and almost always get download error on about 20M~40M when switching to other box by package manager like apt/pacman/chocolate.

So it really helps if there is any mirror more usable.


Thanks a lot and I got it. In my situation, `retry-n-wait` can eventually work on most of my boxes... Cuz the most heavy-used host has already done, other boxes just for easy-debugging. So i do the unattendent install on them.


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