Problems importing Eclipse workspace

On my current project, the folks have automated scripts that generate a complex eclipse workspace configured to use the necessary libs and deployment targets, launch the server, etc. - so that the whole team gets up and running in minutes. Which is cool, certainly: the deployment configurations are quite elaborate and it would be a pain to reconfigure all that in a different environment manually. Unwilling to use Eclipse, I have tried to create an IDEA project out of an Eclipse workspace - according to the instructions in the IDEA Help, using the provided Eclipse/MyEclipse plugins. Per instructions, I have copied the plugins into the Eclipse tree and exported the Eclipse workspace out of the Eclipse environment - into a new IDEA project file. Then, I started IDEA and opened the new project file. At the first glance things looked ok, all the modules from the Eclipse w/s were generated and showed up in the IDEA project. However, I quickly noticed major problems. Some library paths got completely screwed up (mostly, file separator problems: some extra '/' prepended to the paths, some missing folder separators, etc.) As the result, those libs were not recognized, I got hundreds of compile errors. Also, none of the Weblogic server/deployment settings got copied although the help file claims that all MyEclipse's Web app and EJB modules are supported. The bottom line is: it turned out to be a major mess, and it looks like I may have to be forced to use Eclipse on this project, after all.

Does all this mean that the Eclipse conversion is not really working? Has anyone successfully converted complex Eclipse (MyEclipse) projects to IntelliJ? Any advice?


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