Animate Window option slows down IDEA and kicks up the X windows server cpu usa

sorry I posted originaly to wrong forum.

so here it is again.

When animate window is turned on, the Ant pane, scrolls open, very slowly while I see the cpu gets pegged for the X server process to 99% cpu usage. After almost 10 seconds, Ant pane opens fully and IDEA becomes functional.

When I trun off Animate Window function this problem goes away. I also experience this behaviour with the UML drawing plugin.

Apparently smooth scrolling of the panes, have this effect. But, the "Messages" or "TODO" panes do not have this problem even when Animate window option is turned on.

My system:
Linux Debin sarge distribution, on Pentium 4 system, with 2 GIG RAM. Kernel 2.6.8. Using Gnome.

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same thing with me

athlon64 3200+ , 1gb ram, Mandriva 2005 , kernel 2.6.13 using both kde, gnome and icewm

jdk 1.5.4


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