compile project (not just module!) before run / debug

We've got a project composed of a set of modules where each module is a plugin. Each plugin is loaded dynamically using a special classloader. The description of each plugin contains additional paths to add to its classloader.

I'm trying to setup run / debug so that the entire project will be compiled before run /debug, and not just the module that we use to run the project. I can't make all the other modules depend on this one, because then their output paths are added to the initial classpath and that screws up our custom classloading.

Any suggestions? I'd rather not use ant as intellij seems to better manage the compilation dependencies between the files.



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Can't you just do Ctrl-F9 before run/debug? I realise that's not one step but you could record a macro for it and then make a key mapping that's bound to the macro.


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