How to... exclude testcases?

Hello all,

I created a superclass for my Unit tests, but now IntelliJ thinks this is a testcase. The test fails, because the testcase does not contain any tests. I run the test using the JUnit tab of 'Edit Configurations', and then I choose 'All in Package' + 'In whole project'. Now I added a simple test which always succeeds, but it would be better to execlude it from the tests. Is that possible?

Btw, the code looks like this:


Have you tried making the class Abstract? That's what I usually do in such cases, since the base test class is never initiated alone.

However, I run my tests from the command line, so I can't say for certain whether IDEA properly handles this.


Good idea, it works. Thanks!

(PS: I also encountered a different problem:

When I ran my test, I saw a failing test. I was not necessary anymore, so I put an 'x' for the method name, so it wouldn't be recognized as a test. The method was now called xtestDoGet(), so normally, the test wouldn't be executed. However, IntelliJ "remembers" the original name, so when I rerun my tests, the original method 'testDoGet()' is executed, even though it doesn't even anymore!

(I'm using IntelliJ 5.0.2)


Well, if the test method is truly not needed, why not simply delete it?

However, I did some experimenting myself. I could repeat this error if, within the "Edit Configurations" dialogue, my "Make module before before running" was unchecked. If I checked this box, the xtestXXX method no longer executed after rerunning the test.

Hope this helps!



Grr, I must have been sleeping! I noticed the checkbox was unchecked here too, though normally it never is. It fixed the problem (and a lot of other problems! :)) immediately!

Thanks for your help!


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